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Resources, blog posts, tutorials and great project ideas


Work with us or allow us to connect you with other educators to take you Minecraft projects to the next level through collaborative learning


From remote solutions to hands on training, we are here to help make your Minecraft in Education journey smoother, have more impact and be stress free

We are entirely device, platform and Minecraft Version agnostic.  Your choice is personal to you and your situation.  Minecraft in the Classroom is massively diverse in its use and we at Learning Blocks Edu want to celebrate this in all its forms.


Our community vision is simple and is built on three core principles:  Share, Collaborate, Support.


Share Widely

This could be as simple as Tweeting us a picture of what your class are up to which we can place in our gallery to inspire others.  It could be as detailed as sending us a build and full lesson plan that we can distribute for you to the rest of the community.  You might have a class blog that you would like to increase the engagement with and audience for.  When ideas are shared they take on an organic state of growth which benefits the community.  Everything shared will be fully accredited to you and covered by our Creative Commons License.  We will never charge for resources shared, never brand them as our own and will always link back to the source.


Collaborate Often

It can feel like a lonely journey when starting out with any new technology.  When we collaborate with others we grow collectively, our preparation times reduce and our educational offering develops.  When we connect our learners we open them to the development of lifelong skills which will be as beneficial to their future careers as it will be to their ability to learn.  So whether you are looking to collaborate with other educators on the preparation of learning plans, seeking other classes to work with on a project or even want to organise a collaborative event in your area, we want to help you.


Support Freely

All of us bring different skills and experiences to the community.  By supporting each other, our skills grow collectively.  We will never charge for the support we offer, will never direct you to someone that does and will never seek to profit from the development of all.  We want to help you build and then share your skills and experience with others.  For example; we don’t want to send a speaker to your TeachMeet, we want to empower you to speak at your own.


We have a bold vision that cuts against the grain of the current skills development ethos in education.  We have deliberately not reached out to individuals to ask them if they want to come on board and instead openly and warmly send out our invitations to the entirety of the Minecraft and Education communities.  Our community is entirely voluntary and built on a collective goodwill and desire to grow the potential of Minecraft in Education.  

We are always looking for talented educators to join our team. Get in touch to find out more
Simon Baddeley

Simon Baddeley


Four years of Minecraft in Education experience
Microsoft Global Minecraft Mentor
Fifteen years experience in the classroom



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