Minecraft Learning Blocks Edu Support Blocks

Collaboration, Connection, Critique and Support in informal micro Support Blocks


Learners achieve and educators develop at an accelerated rate if real world audiences, connections and support are involved.  The power of taking learning beyond the confines of the classroom is immense.  By connecting teachers, classrooms and learners on a structured, micro managed network we can remove some of the fear that teachers have in taking the first steps with Minecraft as well as motivate students to demonstrate their learning to a wider audience.


A project needs an audience and teachers need support to keep enthusiasm alive for all. Early adopters of new technology in the classroom sometimes find that the initial rush of enthusiasm subsides as the hectic year unfolds; the initial burst of enthusiasm might fade as new skills are needed in order to advance; lessons and projects might not have gone the way they had been planned.  At Learning Blocks Edu, we want to help you connect with other, likeminded people around the world to support each other, connect our learners and collaborate on planning using Minecraft in the classroom.  Our Support Blocks, give Minecraft projects a truly authentic and global audience that will connect, collaborate, critique and support each other on the journey of discovery.  Through your Support Blocks connections, you will never feel isolated or not knowing where to turn for help or advice.


With a network of collaborators, constructive critics and support, on a small and unthreatening level, each Support Block project will have the best chance possible of making it from early adopter experiment to embedded curriculum tool.


How does it work


  1. Show your interest by completing the form below
  2. We will assign you to a Support Block based on your experience with Minecraft, age of the students you teach and geographical location
  3. Connect with your Block Partners to plan your first project.


We will try to allocate a more experienced teacher to each Support Block as the block leader to support and guide the others through their first projects.  How you collaborate is up to you.  Jointly plan the same project and connect via Skype, HangOuts or FaceTime to collaborate between groups; share blogs and rotate the focus so that each group is visited and commented on regularly; share server space to enable in game collaboration; or simply share pictures or videos of your work with each other to inspire and motivate our learners.  We will offer advice, support and ideas whilst allowing you the freedom to choose the direction that suits you best.


We will be assigning and announcing Support Block allocations in early November so watch this space for further updates.  Throughout the year we will be hosting various virtual support events to share and promote the great things happening across the Support Blocks as well as offer training and support.


As with everything we do at LearningBlocksEdu, participation in Support Blocks is completely free, platform and Minecraft version agnostic and covers all age groups.  So whether you are experienced or a complete novice when it comes to Minecraft in the classroom, there is a role for you.  Sign up and start connecting the Minecraft blocks of learning today.

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